Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) visited the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 12 November 2014 to further foster its partnership with the Institute.

Led by Mr. Yugi Kotani, EJEC President, the exploratory meeting covered areas of possible collaboration particularly in the field of structural engineering, earthquakes and tsunami, risk assessment, disaster management, infrastructure design, waste management and renewable energy, where AIT shows considerable experience and expertise.

The delegation was in the kingdom primarily to launch EJEC’s headquarters in Thailand and were looking to strengthen relations with AIT to add to EJEC’s generous scholarship grants formally established in September of this year.

EJEC’s main business areas include road and transport planning and design, urban and regional planning, water resources development and water supply, waste management, environment, disaster mitigation and facility maintenance, information, instrumentation and compensation, and geo-engineering.

The attendees of the meeting included Mr. Kotani along with other EJEC officials Dr. Ryoji Isoyama, Executive Director; Mr. Yukiyoshi Kawajiri, Executive Director; Mr. Atsuyuki Nakaseko, Head of International Department; Mr. Kazuo Yakata, President, EJ Business Partners Co., Ltd.; Mr. Sakae Nakamura, Representative Office Manager, Bangkok and Representative Office; Ms. Erina Kan, Engineering staff, International Department; Mr. Taisuke Odera, Representative, Bangkok and Representative and the AIT team comprised of the AIT Vice President for Resource Development Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, Prof. Pennung Warnitchai, representing the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), and Dr. Gabrielle Groves, Head, External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO).

EJEC officials visited the AIT Consulting office and met with Dr. Naveed Anwar who introduced AIT Consulting’s expertise and services through a detailed presentation of several global applications of AIT’s technical adroitness.