VINCI Construction, France’s leading construction company with offices around the world including Africa, Central and South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Arabian Peninsula visited AIT Consulting, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in August to discuss possible collaboration specifically in the area of structural and earthquake engineering.

 Mr. Philippe Vancapernolle, Technical Director for Southeast Asia, VINCI Construction and Mr. Vincent Maillet, Managing Director, Freyssinet International Technical Services Ltd. met with Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Consulting and his team. Mr. Vancapernolle informed that Freyssinet, the sister company of VINCI had set up a new office in Bangkok to offer services in specialized civil engineering and industrial capacity.

 Dr. Naveed shared an overview of AITC with information of its current focuses on earthquake and wind exposure, particularly projects from UN and other funding agencies including project evaluation, review and system development as well as completed projects both in Thailand and in other region. AITC is currently developing integrated solutions for buildings in Nepal after the earthquake and may require support on the materials for seismic repair and strengthening of the existing buildings which can be provided by VINCI and Freyssinet.