The Road Development Authority, Government of Sri Lanka, with the support of World Bank is planning for the extension of the Southern Expressway in Sri Lanka. The expressway, which is still undergoing feasibility study and design, is going to be Sri Lanka’s first elevated expressway which will stretch from the city of Godagama to Hambantota. To equip the sector to undergo such a project, the Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka is eager to invest in capacity building of its Engineersto familiarize them with different methods of Elevated Highway and Interchange Design and Construction and to become independent of external consultants.

In aim of fulfilling AIT’s mission in regional capacity building and development, AIT Consultingand the Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS), accepted the task of organizing two customized trainings forthe Structural and Transportation Engineers from the Road Development Authority, Sri Lanka. The first training on Design of Segmental Box Girder Bridges was held during the period of 18 June – 28 June 2012, while the second training on Freeway Design was held in the third week of July 2012. Both trainings were conducted at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand and focused on a “Theory and Practice” training methodology. Initial sessionsfocused on providing the necessary theoretical background while the subsequent sessions demonstrated practice on the use of appropriate design tools and software. Site visits to prominent bridges and infrastructure locations in Bangkok, Thailand, were also organized to broaden the perspectives of the trainees.

The first training on Design of Segmental Box Girder Bridgesprovided an overview on analysis and design of continuous and simply supported in-situ case box girder bridges of various spans and provided guidelines and training on structural detailing and construction process of segmented box girder bridges. The two site visits which enhanced the practical portion of the first training were conducted to Bangkok’s Industrial Ring Road Bridge (Bhumibol Bridge) and to the Construction site of the Sky train purple line project for Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA). The second training on Freeway Design includedareas such as design parameters, speed parameters, cross section, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, traffic signs and markings for freeway and interchange design. Dr. KunnaweeKanitpong, Associate Professor, Transportation, AIT and six other external experts from the Department of Highways, Thailand, were selected as resource speakers; and together with their extensive knowledge and experience, were able to conduct a successful training.