A team from AIT Consulting travelled to Manila, Philippines to meet with client Century Properties on 15th February 2011 and give a final report on consulting services provided for a residential property. 

Century Properties has been developing, managing and marketing extraordinary residential, corporate and leisure developments in the Philippines since 1983. Today, Century Properties has grown into one of the largest privately-owned full-service real estate companies in the Philippines and has earned an excellent reputation for developing sound high-rise condominiums. 

Consortium professional Sy^2 + Associates, Inc. engaged AIT Consulting to carry out a structural performance based evaluation of a 63-story building for the client. The main objective of the work was to evaluate the structural performance of the building to determine whether the overall performance and reliability of the building ensures public safety under the effects of gravity and lateral loadings based on the design information provided by the client and Sy^2 + Associates. 

The performance evaluation was carried out through the use of state-of-the-art analyses tools and procedures with special emphasis on the effects of earthquakes. The response of the building and its main structural components were evaluated against the maximum allowable performance levels for the specified seismic hazards (earthquake ground motion). 

Upon conclusion of this project, AIT Consulting was engaged to provide a performance based structural design review of a 60 story building for Century, therefore consulting services will continue with this project.