The Public Works Department division of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Office of the Executive Engineer launched a study for the seismic assessment and retrofitting design of the fire station headquarter office at Bangabazar, Dhaka as well as nine fire stations at different locations in Dhaka.


Concord Engineers was awarded the project and will collaborate with AIT Consulting in continuation of the training conducted for Concord Engineers in January 2011 entitled “Capacity Development in Evaluation and Retrofitting of Buildings.”


The overall work to be carried out by AIT Consulting for the seismic assessment study of the fire stations in Bangladesh shall include and the following:


  • Plan the field work and identify the number and type of tests to be carried out
  • Prepare formats for recording and format the field data
  • Collection of deteriorations and damages in building
  • Conduct compressive strength by using Schmidt Hammer on columns, beams and slabs (Ten samples for each kind of member would be taken, with the total samples being 30 points)
  • Detect reinforcing steel in members (12 samples for beams and columns and 4 sqm for slab)
  • Provide guidance for determining concrete strength and reinforcing bar details of the existing building members by non-destructive test method
  • Develop a database/ information management tool to record all the information from site in proper electronic form


Concord Engineers will develop all architectural and structural drawings of the buildings including digital surveys and determine all building and foundation specifications whereas AIT Consulting will provide technical support.