The Ningxia Integrated Ecosystem and Agricultural Development Project (NIEADP) is an Asian Development Bank-financed rehabilitation and sustainable development project that aims to improve the environmental management of the Yinchuan area in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), People’s Republic of China to restore the ecosystem and increase the rural incomes of the residents of this province.


The project covers a portion, approximately 3,655 square kilometers, of the oasis of the Yinchuan Plain extending into the Helan Mountains to the west of the Yellow River in NHAR. The selected areas are comprised of three districts and two counties that surround the ancient city of Yinchuan, which is also the capital. The project also includes supporting the policies and plans of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region government (NHARG) to combat land degradation through an integrated ecosystem management (IEM) approach.


As Engineering Expert, AIT Consulting Executive Director Dr. Naveed Anwar inspected 26 facilities, many of which were related to the viniculture development in Ningxia and other integrated sustainable projects with ecotourism components such as the programs geared towards the rehabilitation and conservation of the wetlands.