The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) periodically convenes the Asia-Pacific Urban Forums to discuss critical and emerging issues, to view them from the perspective of different stakeholders and to share innovative practices.  AIT will participate in the 5th Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-5) as a partner organization 21st -23rd June 2011 at the UN Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand.


As cities have an immense impact on both the built and natural environment, the proposed theme for APUF-5 is “Building an Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Future.”  Under this theme, UNESCAP proposes to examine the critical and emerging urban issues of the region through the spectrum of access, eco-efficiency and resilience.  The objectives of the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum are to:


  • Identify, discuss and prioritize emerging and critical issues in inclusive and sustainable urban development
  • Share experiences on good and innovative practices and approaches on issues related to inclusive and sustainable urban development
  • Explore how activities of different actors can be better coordinated and linked to relevant regional and global processes and events


AIT will present under the theme “Low-Carbon Cities and Energy Efficient Buildings” on the following four topics:


  • Low-carbon city (conceptual and policy issues)
  • Sustainable consumption (social and behavioral issues)
  • Sustainable transport and infrastructure (technical and management issues)
  • Energy efficient buildings (retrofitting the existing buildings and building for the future)


All attendees will focus on creating an inclusive and sustainable development path for cities of the Asia Pacific and on meeting the needs and demands of the growing urban population by proposing innovative approaches to governance and financing.