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EJEC and AIT Strengthen Partnership with Technical Exchange Seminar

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6th Annual Affordable Housing Projects Tackles Challenges in Housing Supply and Demand

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UNESCAP to Foster Partnership with AIT

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IAPEX 2015 Lahore Convention Focuses on Technology in Architecture

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In the Aftermath of Nepal Earthquake – The Dilemma of Structural Engineer

Look at this picture!

While browsing through internet pages and social media, I came across this picture and it somehow got stuck in my mind. These skeletons were found by two archeologists, David Soren and Noelle Soren in the mid-1980s in a Roman house in Kourion, Cyprus. They are believed to be killed during an earthquake that struck Kourion in 365 AD.The picture includes a family of three, showing a mother cradling an infant in her arms as the father trying to protect them from the falling debris.Being a structural engineer, I felt this picture posing a question to me, what we have achieved in last 2000 years in terms of being resilient to earthquakes?

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