Dr. Sun Sayamipuk, former head of the Structural Engineering Lab and current Head of the Contract Management Office at AIT, conducted a training and workshop 31st January 2010 for the professionals at Concord Engineers and Construction Limited in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Founded in 1972, Concord is one of the oldest business houses in Bangladesh and one of the biggest players in the construction and real estate industry.  It is the market leader in luxury apartments and was the first to produce and use environmentally safe and earthquake proof building materials in Bangladesh.  From its vast experience in construction of buildings, bridges, airports, theme parks, and more, Concord employs the best engineers and most up-to-date construction techniques in Bangladesh today.

The training was titled “Capacity Development in Evaluation and Retrofitting of Buildings” and was conducted on behalf of AIT Consulting at the Concord offices 31st January – 5th February 2011.  The scope of the training included business model development, training workshop in review and retrofitting, sample project evaluation and training and sample project retrofit implementation, as well as case studies, site visits and report preparation guidelines.

Concurrent with the training, a team from AIT Consulting comprising CEO Dr. Naveed Anwar and Engr. Irma Hadiwijaya discussed several items with Concord executives including structural design criteria, procedures and guidelines, construction project documentation guidelines, guidelines for monitoring buildings during post-construction and structural design review and retrofitting services of several Concord buildings.  Future areas of collaboration were also explored.