On 10-11 July, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) will bring together a diverse pool of experts in an Exclusive Technology Event to highlight innovations and trends, as well as the development and application of relevant technologies for the performance enhancement of real estate, construction, and industrial projects, as well as manufacturing, retail, and distribution enterprises.

This event is designed to provide senior executives and top management of enterprises and organizations with firsthand information and in-depth knowledge related to the recent developments and future trends in technologies that can help to improve the overall performance and efficiency of their projects and the overall performance and efficiency of their enterprises.

AIT, an international academic institute, through its research and technical excellence, has provided in-depth applied and integrated technology-driven education, training, and solutions for over 50 years through its international pool of faculty, researchers, and experts across various disciplines and practices.

The two-day event will provide opportunities for Senior Executives to join talks and presentations, expert panel discussions, networking sessions with domain experts and peers, and view an exhibition of key outputs and solutions based on AIT’s diverse capabilities.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Rakdao Pakdisi

Event Coordinator

Asian Institute of Technology

rakdao.aitc@ait.asia | +(662) 524 6388