The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) launches the Engineering Leadership Program (ELP), designed for professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills by providing practical real-world case-method of learning.

There is a need for qualified personnel to lead teams and create solutions in development and capacity building projects. This program addresses the need for leadership by preparing the next generation of leaders by deepening one’s understanding of technical fundamentals, leadership and cross-functional knowledge,” explained Dr. Gregory Chiu, ELP Program Director.

 ELP’s mission is to prepare leaders who take on engineering challenges with in-depth knowledge, skill, and insight through practical learning that employs various methods including experiential learning, communicative skill training for leaders, case studies, and personal development of leadership traits.

 Throughout the program, the participants will be able to track their learning outcomes and pinpoint specific initiatives to implement. They will be able to know exactly how to apply the new knowledge and skills, and develop implementation plan that will create an impact once back in the office.

ELP offers Professional Master of Engineering (PME), wherein the period of study lasts for 12 months (for full-time students) and not longer than 2 years (for part-time or flexible students); Master of Engineering, wherein students can complete their full time study in 22 months; and Professional Development Program, a short-term training program.

 ELP is collaborating with some of the leading companies in Thailand including Siam Cement, GMS Power Public Company Limited, Italthai Group, Team Consulting, Bangchak, PTT, and many other for possible seminar series, real world knowledge, and practical experience. In terms of academic area, ELP is working with Northeastern University. AIT Extension and AIT Consulting are also closely working with the Leadership Program.

 For its initial offering, AIT invites project managers, technical engineers (planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance), contractors, regulators, owners and operators who are involved with development projects to join the Professional Leadership Program, a two-week training program in November that combines classroom theory lectures, case studies, role play, and interaction with resource persons. All sessions will focus on participative discussions geared towards enhancing participants’ technical and practical knowledge on technical and developmental issues.

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