The Structural engineering profession in Sri Lanka dates back to the early twentieth century, and although it has evolved over the years, it has not always received proper recognition for its contribution to the society. The Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka (SSESL), was established by the Act of Parliament for the purpose of enhancing the dignity and recognition of structural engineers in Sri Lanka, developing suitable norms for their responsibilities and ensuring their dignified role in the society. Furthermore, it aims to constantly improve the level of standard of practice for the structural engineering profession throughout Sri Lanka and safeguard the public from those practicing substandard Structural Engineering.

On 3 October 2012, Dr. Naveed Anwar was invited for a dinner by the President of SSESL, Prof. Ruwan Weerasekera, also Professor of Civil Engineering (Division of Building and Structural Engineering) and Vice President of SSESL, Eng. K.L.S. Sahabandu, also Corp. Additional General Manage, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau. Possible collaboration in the area of structural engineering between SSESL and AIT Consulting was discussed, and plans for a workshop and training on the topic of Tall Building Design was planned for 2013.