The Advisory Board and Technical Council are key elements of AIT Consulting’s overall organizational structure, established for the purpose of driving the organization forward and taking an active role in overall operations and growth. The Advisory Board, comprising representatives from AIT’s partner institutions, international organizations, industry representatives, AIT alumni and members of the AIT Administration, provides overall guidance for AIT Consulting. The Board oversees areas that include management, business development, and strategies to ensure the achievement of the organisation’s vision and mission. The Technical Council, on the other hand, comprising members of the AIT Administration, deans of the schools, faculty members and directors of various centers at AIT;offers guidance and advice on technical matters related to the projects undertaken by AIT Consulting. Both the board and council meet two times a year.

The second meeting of the board and council was held on Tuesday, the 7th of August 2012 at the AIT Consulting Office, AIT, Pathumthani. The AIT Consulting Semi-Annual Report presented at the meeting, included various projects, proposals, activities and resources in 2012. The introduction to the newly established Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Unit, Quality Management System and the recent office renovation were also presented.

The meetings facilitated various discussions. Main discussions within the Advisory Board focused on resource management and expansion to new areas of expertise, in particular, Energy, IT & GIS, and Management. The deliberations further touched on networking, promotion and marketing approaches of the organization. Discourse within the Technical Council centred on AIT Consulting’s expansion, resource management, and proposed initiatives such as E-learning and Mobile Application development. It furthermore covered topics such as the quality control of projects, the focus of services and the coordination of experts and resources within AIT.

Advisory Board member Attendees

  1. Prof. Said Irandoust, President, Asian Institute of Technology (meeting Chair)
  2. Mr. Jose A. Sy, President and CEO of SY^2+ Associates
  3. Prof. Elizabeth SiewKuan Ng, Director, LLM, Faculty of Law, NUS
  4. Mr. VatanaSupornpaibul, Director, Executive Director, Amata Corp.
  5. Professor WorsakKanok-Nukulchai, Vice President, Resource Development, AIT
  6. Dr. Barbara Igel, Dean, School of Management, AIT
  7. Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director, AIT Extension
  8. Mr. Tuck OonChoong, AIT Senior Alumni
  9. Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Consulting and Board Secretary
  10. Dr. SiddharthJabade, Director, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights, AIT Consulting

Technical Council member Attendees

  1. Dr. Barbara Igel, Dean, School of Management;
  2. Professor Sivanappan Kumar, Professor of Energy Field of Study, AIT;
  3. Dr. PennungWanitchai, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering, AIT;
  4. Dr. SandroCalvani, Director of ARCMDG, AIT;
  5. Dr. SaeedZaki, Managing Director of dwp;
  6. Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director of AIT Consulting and Council Secretary.