For the purpose of providing overall guidance in terms of management, business development and strategy, the AIT Consulting Advisory Board was formed.

Similarly, the Technical Council was also formed to provide further advice on technical matters related to the projects undertaken by AIT Consulting. 

In connection to this, AIT Consulting organized the first meeting of its Advisory Board and Technical Council at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, on Tuesday, 7 February. 

The two meetings were held consecutively, and were officiated by Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director at AIT Consulting and secretary of the Advisory Board. 

The AIT Consulting Advisory Board meeting was chaired by Prof. Said Irandoust, President, Asian Institute of Technology and attended by Khun Somhatai Panichewa, CBO of Amata Corporation; Khun Vatana Supornpaiboon, Amata Investment Manager; Mr. Jose A. Sy, President and CEO of SY^2+ Associates; Professor Sudip Rakshit, Vice President, Research and Development, AIT; Professor Indra Mohan Pandey, Vice President, Academic Affairs, AIT; Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director, AIT Extension; and Mr. Tuck Oon Choong, AIT Senior Alumni.

Apologies were received from Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Vice President, Resource Development and Dr. Saeed Zaki, Managing Director of DWP.

The Advisory Board meeting was held to discuss the goals, objectives and direction of AIT Consulting for 2012-2013. 

The AIT Consulting Business Plan and Annual Report were presented, and board members shared their advice on the focus, efficiency, and outcomes of the organization as well as networking, promotion, and marketing mechanisms. 

In the afternoon, the first meeting of AIT Consulting Technical Council was attended by Prof. Sudip Rakshit, Vice President, Research; Professor Sivanappan Kumar, Professor, Energy Field of Study; Dr. Pennung Wanitchai, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering; Dr. Sandro Calvani, Director of ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on Millennium Development Goals; Dr. Riaz Khan, Director, YUNUS Center; and Ms. Mia Overall, Representative of CSR Asia.

Apologies were received from Dr. Nitin Afzulpurkar, Dean, School of Engineering and Technology; Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul, Dean, School of Environment, Resources and Development; and Dr. Barbara Igel, Dean, School of Management. 

The AIT Consulting Technical Council meeting was held to discuss the focus of the organization, particularly quality control and guidelines for technical output, focus of services, and the coordination between AIT, experts and resources. The 2011 Annual Report was presented.