The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) aims to set a living example of a resource efficient and low-carbon campus by transforming its campus into a green and sustainable institute with its new initiative, AIT – A Living Laboratory.

Experts at AIT believe that it is the right time to proceed as AIT rebuilds and upgrades its campus, activities, and curriculum after the flood devastated the campus in 2011. AIT is a proven excellent training ground to prepare the students on sustainability, development, and technological issues grounded by theoretical teaching, reinforced by experiential learning, and life on a campus that exemplifies sustainability.

The project, Living Laboratory, has a five-year target focusing on the major sustainability themes such as energy, water, and waste management; sustainable transportation; natural resources and wilderness preservation; and application of information and communication technologies.

In February 2014, the AIT Sustainability Club was introduced by SU Campus and Environment Committee with now having over 100 members. The Club conducts activities related to sustaining and supporting the various management systems in AIT. These systems relate to water management, waste management, environment management, energy management, natural resources management, and managing transportation inside campus.

As one of its first activities, the advocates promoted the reduction of plastic bag use in the campus and provided local establishments with used cloth bags. The initial response from the AIT community has been very positive; expansions of this activity are being planned.

Each and every member of the AIT community is encouraged to participate in this club (Faculty, Staff, Students, Family members) and show his/her commitment by giving their inputs and ideas on how to further improve and execute those ideas to make the campus environment more sustainable. For more information about the AIT Sustainability Club, visit:

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