20 February 2018, Bangkok

A meeting was arranged between Panyapiwat Institute of Management PIM-CPAll and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) to explore the possibilities of collaboration. It was held at CPAll Academy Building and attended by Mr. Phornvit Phacharintanakul, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Mr. Siam Choksawangwong, Vice President, Administrative Affairs, and CPAll/PIM directors and officers as well as AIT representatives headed by Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Directors, AIT Solutions.

The discussions were summarized in three key points: PIM and AIT will further explore collaboration specifically in the areas of robotics, IT, and automation solutions; PIM and AIT will identify industrial challenges and issues and will jointly organize Hackathons and mentorship programs; AIT and PIM will develop a draft concept note through which an immediate collaborative activities can be listed.

AIT invited PIM team to visit the Innovation Lab at AIT Solutions (AITS) to see the ongoing innovations at the lab and to set up a joint team from PIM and AITS that would ensure follow through of all plans and activities. Both organizations agreed on the importance of sharing industry and research perspectives to hash out challenges as well as disruptive innovative solutions.

Following activities will also include organizing Innovation workshops with stakeholders from CPG’s corporate network as well as AIT’s network, to develop a deep understanding, from multiple stakeholder angles, of the challenge context and identify possible (collaborative) initiatives and interventions to address these challenges.