March 2016, Thailand

A delegation from the National Housing Authority (NHA) Thailand headed by Mr. Preeda Suksumit, Director of Commercialized Housing Project, Administration Division 1; Mr. Somkid Premcharunan, Director of Socialized Housing Project, Administration Division 2; Ms. Sureeporn Suwannaworn, Director of Technical Cooperation Division; Ms. Poonsuk Niyomthai, Director of Renewal and Rental Buildings, Maintenance Division attended a Technical Seminar hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 29 March 2016 to strengthen mutual understanding and collaboration between AIT and NHA for joint research and joint projects.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Solutions; Engr. Gyanendra Sthapit, Director, Habitech Center; Engr. Keerati Tunthasuwattana, Deputy Director, ACECOMS; Dr. Pramin Norachan, Structural Engineering Manager, AIT Solutions; Rakdao Pakdisi, Business Development Manager, AIT Solutions; and Sudiksha Amatya, Deputy Manager, Architecture and Design. The complete delegation from NHA include Mr. Khamhaeng Thong-in, Deputy Director of Commercialized Housing Project, Development Department; Mr. Kira Dan-khunakul, Deputy Director of Socialized Housing Project, Development Department 1; Mr. Wiwat Chaoret, Engineer 8; Ms. Rojana Pichaisornplang, Policy and Planning Analyst 7; Mr. Phanuphong Boonphun, Engineer 6; Ms. Khwankhao Prasitsorn, Engineer 5; Ms. Angkana Vichit, Policy and Planning Analyst 4; Mr. Palakorn Khanthone, Engineer 3.

Following the technical presentations, the delegation visited the structural engineering laboratory and Habitech Center for a hands-on demonstration.

NHA has confirmed to be one of the strategic collaborators in the upcoming event Collaboration for Innovation on 12-13 May 2016 hosted by AIT through AIT Solutions. AIT has invited the new NHA Governor to be the Chief Guest on 12 May. AIT and NHA have been collaborating on events since 2014.

  • Technology Solutions for Low-cost Housing: Building Cleaner, Greener, Safer, and Cost-Effective Communities in November 2014 as Chief Guest and Speaker.
  • Regional Forum on Capability Enhancement for Affordable Housing Solution Development in July 2015, a three-day event that brought together leaders and policymakers from ASEAN countries to discuss affordable housing challenges.