Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the professional master’s program, an applicant must:

  • Hold a Bachelor degree (normally from a four-year program), in related fields (Civil Engineering, Architecture)
  • Have undergraduate grades significantly above average
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience
  • Have good command of English
  • Pass an aptitude test specially developed for this program

Applicant must submit applications to Admissions and Scholarships Unit:

  • A completed AIT application form
  • A certified copy of undergraduate certificate (in English)
  • A certified official student transcript (in English)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A certificate of English language proficiency
  • Most of the registration process will be online

Note: Upon expressing your interest in applying for PM-CE, Program Officer under PM-CE will assist you throughout the application process.

English Requirement

AIT is an international institute with English as the sole language of instruction. Admission to AIT requires proof of English language proficiency which may be satisfied in any of the following:

  • Submission of an official test score from any of the following standardized English exams: IELTS, TOEFL, ICE TEFOW, AITEIT, GRE (Analytical Writing), CET 4, CU-TEP (Thailand), ARC (Lao PDR). The minimum scores for admission are shown in the table below:


IELTS 4.5 GRE (Analytical Writing) 4.2
CET 4 (China) 510
CU-TEP (Thailand) 62
ICE TEFOW 120 ARC (Lao PDR) 5.0


  • CERTIFICATE OF UNIVERSITY MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION. This document certifies that you attained your previous degree from a university where the sole medium of instruction is English. The document should be attested and signed by the University Registrar. Note: Because some schools that use English as a medium of instruction do not meet AIT’s standards for English proficiency, the AIT Admissions Unit may not accept certain certificates and may require the applicant to submit a standardized test score instead.
  • AIT ENGLISH INTERVIEW TEST SCORE (AITEIT). AITEIT is administered by AIT Language Unit and is applicable only to applicants in Thailand. For details, please contact: languages@ait.ac.th
  • EXEMPTION. Applicants who are citizens of countries where English is the native language are exempt from this requirement. Proof of citizenship should be provided.