The 6th Annual Affordable Housing Projects conference was held on 15-17 April 2015 at Marina Mandarin, Singapore focusing on the major challenges in the supply and demand of affordable housing, innovative approaches to fulfill housing demand and drive sustainable development as well as examine the relationship between governments and private sector to harness the abilities of all stakeholders to accelerate provision of affordable homes.

The three-day conference featured international expert presentations and case studies on the key topics including: “How to Secure a Long Term Increase in the Supply of Affordable Housing by Taking on a More Strategic Approach and Ensuring Greater Efficiencies in Delivery” from the International Union for Housing Finance, Germany; “The Singapore Experience in Affordable Housing: Scalable and Sustainable” by the A. Alliance Design International, Singapore; “How to Leverage on Affordable Housing Designs to Address the Challenge of Providing Good Quality and Comfortable Living Spaces Constructed in Record Time” from MFE Formwork Technology, Malaysia; “The Ideal Blueprint for Affordable Housing” by McKinsey & Company, UAE; “Creating Affordable and Sustainable Housing Solutions to Meet the Demand of a Growing Population” by Community Housing Limited Group, Australia; and “How Surbana, Singapore Profiles the Needs of Citizens and Demands of Individual Communities to Determine Housing Profiles and Design Integrative Developments.”

Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Consulting was invited to present a topic on “Increasing Resistance to Hazards Using Enhanced Structural Design and Disaster Resistant Materials,” and was also a panelist on the discussion on this topic.

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AIT is also currently working to organize a major event “Housing for All: Innovative Solutions” to be held in the last quarter of 2015. This event aims to attract participants from government authorities and ministries, property developers, construction firms, contractors and builders, architecture and consulting firms and banking and finance. A regional competition for students from universities in the region will also be held during this event. Event details will be available soon at