February 2019, Bangkok

The WEMS Secretariat at AIT Solutions announces the establishment of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of eminent experts from diverse backgrounds from across the world to provide a mix of necessary expertise. The TAG is primarily designed to provide strategic guidance to the leadership of the Secretariat, ensure that the initiative remains true to its mission, and will help promote and provide strategic direction for its development and implementation.

The TAG will consist of up to nine (9) individual members based on the expertise and relationships they can contribute to the WEMS Initiative. While awaiting the confirmation on the membership of one (1) additional expert, the Secretariat would like to release the composition of the TAG.

The current members include:

Mr. Bonaventure Ebayi
Former Director
Lusaka Agreement Task Force
Mr. Edward Phiri
Lusaka Agreement Task Force
Dr. Jonathan L. Shaw
Executive Director
AIT Extension, AIT
Dr. Naveed Anwar
Vice President for Knowledge Transfer
Mr. Manesh Lacoul
Deputy-Director of WEMS Secretariat
AIT Solutions, AIT
Ms. Nosrat Ravichandran
Protected Area Management Specialist of ASEAN Center for Biodiversity
Mr. Theotimus Rwegasira
Former Intelligence Officer
Lusaka Agreement of Task Force
Mrs. Tilottama Varma
Additional Director
Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, India