Due to rapid urbanization, there is an increasing demand for sustainable and suitable solutions for low-cost housing and public facilities such as schools, medical clinics, resorts, and office buildings. In developing long-term solutions to address this growing need, several factors require careful consideration. Effective solutions often require attention to simple and adaptable technologies using locally available materials and resources that are eco-friendly, energy efficient, and can ensure the safety of occupants and structural integrity of buildings during disasters.

Organized by the Asian Institute of Technology, through Habitech Center and AIT Consulting, Technology Solutions for Low Cost Housing is a two-day workshop scheduled on 27-28 November 2014. Carrying the theme, Building Cleaner, Greener, Safer, and Cost-Effective Communities, this workshop is designed to demonstrate technological solutions to help achieve cost-effectiveness, sustainability, disaster resiliency, and long term durability for a variety of housing developments and civic infrastructure.

Why Attend This Event

  • Learn the significance of integrating the environmental sustainability and disaster resilience in Low cost building solutions.
  • Explore various practical technologies and techniques for designing and implementing low cost building systems
  • Interact with and develop networks with various stakeholders involved in fulfilling the social and affordable housing needs
Why should attend:

  • Government officials, policymakers
  • Development agencies
  • INGOs, NGOs
  • Public and private property developers
  • Consultants, architects, engineers
  • Contractors, construction firm
  • Academics, researchers