March 2021, Thailand

AIT Solutions published the new issue of its Technology magazine in March 2021. This issue of Technology magazine brings an industrial and societal perspective to the challenges that we face in building infrastructures, balancing environment and economic growth, and deployment of digital technologies, and the way it can be addressed through research based smarter solutions.

Considering the multifaceted nature of the challenges that the world is facing, this issue provides a glimpse into the multifaceted world of research based innovative solutions in various sectors, by bringing together research, solutions, and discussions from experts and authors in the field of wind engineering, water engineering, nanotechnology, urban environment management, and construction management.

Some of the advancements in researching, and devising innovative and smarter solutions that are covered in this issue, include: application of nanotechnology in infrastructure and medicines, satellite based monitoring and conserving of earth’s freshwater resources, applying circular economy, rethinking and redesigning of our consumption pattern and waste management, and deployment of digital technologies for construction management.


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