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Habitech Building Systems

The innovative building technology, the Habitech Building Systems, is an alternative way to build disaster-resilient housing and social infrastructure buildings using fabricated modular and interlocking components. This system was first applied to construct school buildings, health clinics, hospitals, and other low-rise buildings in countries such as Bhutan, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand.

Established in 1988, Habitech Center has conducted research and developed various building components that are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective. This cost-effective building system is named Habitech Building System. This system has been tested, demonstrated and disseminated through various housing projects in Thailand and in other countries throughout Asia and Pacific.

Key attributes of Habitech

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurating the “Ashiana Annexe.” Habitech building system was one of the technologies in AIT used for the Indian Presidential Retreat. Twelve accommodation units were constructed using Habitech building technology. These dwellings were intended to accommodate officers and staff during the Presidential visits to the Ashiana Retreat at Dehradun in India.

Knowledge City Police Station, AIT

Ferrocement Technology (Ferrotech)

Ferrocement technology (Ferrotech) utilizes templates and point to point construction to fabricate the buildings frame and wire work. The material is approximately one fifth the volume and cost of the conventional materials the same square feet of construction. Ferrocement offers great economic advantage as they are strong, disaster resilient, cost-effective, and environmental friendly.

Building Technology Solutions using Habitech and Ferrotech were used for the Knowledge City Police Station located beside AIT main gate. This project was constructed in less than three months.