October 2017, Thailand

Mr. Kaname Ikeda, President of Remote Sensing Technology Center (RESTEC) of Japan and Mr. Akira Mukaida, General Manager of Solution Service Department, RESTEC visited the WEMS Secretariat at AIT Solutions on 20 October 2017.

Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Mukaida visited the WEMS Secretariat to understand WEMS activities in Africa and the potential of WEMS for information management system. The meeting offered an excellent opportunity to present the current state of WEMS as an enforcement information management tool in six African countries; its potential for monitoring wildlife crimes and reporting against national targets and international commitments; and the plan to enhance WEMS to generate evidence for international environmental governance across Africa, Asia and beyond.

Mr. Ikeda expressed interest in a collaboration with WEMS Secretariat for integration of remote sensing applications like JJ-FAST (developed by RESTEC and currently in implementation in Brazil to monitor illegal logging) for enhanced data analytics, capacity development for relevant skills among users; and development of partnerships with Japanese government agencies, and private sector partners.

RESTEC and WEMS Secretariat have agreed to develop joint concept notes in line with the discussions to highlight the opportunities to advance WEMS through infusion of relevant technologies.