School of Engineering and Technology

resources_ait_setThe School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is committed to impart quality education, training and to undertake cutting edge research in technologies suitable for and required by the region and beyond. The schools’ mission is to develop highly qualified engineers and technologists who play leading roles in promoting the region’s industrial competitiveness in its integration into the global economy.

School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is a synergistic integration of the former School of Civil Engineering (SCE) and the School of Advanced Technologies (SAT). The new School of Engineering and Technology strives to create synergies between the activities of the two former schools to build up world-class multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education, research and outreach activities across the boundaries of traditional fields of knowledge.

SET Consists of three thematic groups which are divided into field of studies and multidisciplinary programs. The Civil and Infrastructure Engineering group aims at promoting modern methodologies, emerging technologies and innovative materials for the design and construction of safe and economical infrastructure in the region. The Industrial Systems Engineering Group (ISE) contributes to AIT’s mission of regional development, through the equipping of young engineers with the high-tech knowledge required to work in complex industrial environments. For this reason, ISE has been focusing on industrial competitiveness and innovation for sustainable growth in the region. The Information and Communications Group works on enabling access, connections and sharing, in turn enabling knowledge creation and economic opportunity.

SET has a wealth of innovative and untapped knowledge database from its master’s and doctoral research activities. Many outreach and research centers are set up to transform the knowledge into industrial needs.