Traveliko is an Online Travel Agent (OTA) by hoteliers for hoteliers that is focusing on giving hotels and travelers excellent service at a reasonable cost. The difference between Traveliko and other large OTA’s is that there are no high commissions and restrictive rules.

Traveliko introduces a cheaper distribution channel with a 10% flat commission and guarantee’s no future increase.

Furthermore, Traveliko donates 20% of the earned commission to charity and social ventures to promote sustainable tourism.

Traveliko agreements have less restrictions than most other OTA’s.

The 10% flat commission is guaranteed in the future as well. We give each hotel the opportunity to compete on their own strengths and show search results on a map. Users can filter the results on what they need, instead of using biased algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Online hotel reservation
  • Online inventory management
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Promotions and deals management
  • Online invoicing