Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is the total course fee for the degree completion?
The total course fee is 16,500 USD (500 USD per credit) for the complete 33 credits PM-TB program. In addition to the mentioned fee the applicant need to pay one time registration fee of 800 USD. On a case-to-case basis we may also consider fellowships for the applicants which they can avail in their last semester.

2) Are the enrolled participants in PM-TB required to visit AIT at one time?
Yes, the participants need to come to AIT campus once a semester for the courses they had enrolled. At AIT campus the participants will have one-on-one interaction platform with faculty as well as industry experts. The in-class sessions at AIT campus will also include seminar on special topics to be delivered by invited experts. The in-class sessions will also include the final exams that the participants needs to undertake for the enrolled courses.

3) What is the set-up of the online classroom instruction? e.g. by skype or any online communications device.
The PM-TB program will offered through AIT Share (AIT online knowledge platform).

4) What is the lecture time flexibility?
For the online component for each of the courses, the participants can access the course materials (audio, video, presentations, apps, links, etc.) anytime by login to AIT Share. For the in-class sessions with faculty the participants needs to be at AIT campus at the end of each semester.

5) How can the enrolled participants raise questions during the course?
In the online component of the courses, the participants will be able to raise question through chat on selected hours every day/ every week.

6) How many units should the enrolled participants take per semester?
The participants can enroll for a minimum of 3 credits to a maximum of 9 credits per semester. Though we advise that the participants evaluate the time based on the credits for each course and then enroll.

7) Do the enrolled participants need to take the entrance exam to qualify? If yes, when will the examination for applicants for PM-TB August 2018?
Yes, there will be an aptitude test. We are now accepting applications for August 2018 semester. The aptitude test will be conducted for the August 2018 semester in July 2018, the exact dates will be announced soon.

8) Are there scholarships for PM-TB related to AIT?
On a case-to-case basis we may consider fellowships (not exceeding 6 credits) for the applicants which the applicants can avail in their last semester.