A quick time travel to advanced world

My participation in the 2018 ICT Innovative International Summer School held in Xidian University, Xi’An, China has given me a lot of memories, friends from various countries across globe, and a complete different experience I would not forget. The summer school provided a unique opportunity to interact with influential people in my area of specialization. It was a wonderful opportunity to represent my institution such that people from various people can understand about the activity that an institution is involved. I was more than honoured to have a chance to represent my institution as a student of AIT as well as a student intern at Innovation Lab, AIT Solutions that provided my air ticket to China.

The summer school consisted of 61 students from outside of china and 65 Chinese students. The international students joined from more than 15 countries majority of the participants from Europe. The organizing committee was very helpful in providing all our needs of its international participants. Each international student was assigned a Chinese partner for safety and comfort. My Chinese partner was very much helpful in delivering all the help needed right from getting a Chinese sim-card, translating Chinese for local vendors and much more. They even picked me from airport to hotel.
The camp was held for ten days. Every day was filled with joy and learning. During ten day we learnt about the entrepreneurial spirit in china the opportunities for a business in china. There were various initiatives to encourage entrepreneurs. The lectures were filled with inspiring journeys of various renowned professors and management of Huawei Company. The lectures from various professor inspired taking research into end products. Research to solve problems.

The schedule was planned in such a way that a lecture is followed with field trip or and activity which may be group activity or an individual with Chinese partner guiding the international students. The activities helped to interact with our participants and discussing about the research at their university and vice-versa. The Chinese partners were sharing lot of their experience and knowledge about china. They were discussing about lot of political, geopolitical issues, culture traditions.

There are various field trips to museums, co-working spaces in Xi’an and various company visits. The Museums and their history can give a completely difference outlook of china as compared to their technology outlook. The co-working spaces in china are driving their youth to develop good product which can serve the gap in the society. The visit to companies on a whole is good experience.

The other activities included Radio Direction finding sport and Radio making from scratch. These activities have been very unique of its kind. In terms of learning these activities have a good learning curve within. Building was a great activity to plan. Development of circuitry was a great idea. The university has an in house circuit printer which enables them to work various research areas.

On the very last day we had graduation ceremony where every person would be presenting about their organization, country and their experience during stay in China.

This was a very great opportunity for me to present about AIT and Innovation. As our Institution has a co-working space for students to nourish their creativity and provide working environment where they can test their ideas. The area which [iLab], AIT Solutions is concentrating is not addressed by many organizations across the worlds but the area has a tremendous ability to transform major world problems. Along with presentation there was students were to collaborate in solving the problems of waste management and recycling the waste through the path of technology. Specific topics I highlighted during the presentation were:

  • Bottle shredder and can crusher
  • Haptic walking stick
  • Tele-rehabilitation arms
  •  IT projects
  • Civil and Structural engineering projects

The presentation drew attention from many people who said that the attempt to solve the problem of waste management was inspiring. Many of the Chinese students were interested about the projects at AIT Solutions.

Tarun Pulluri
[iLab], AIT Solutions
Asian Institute of Technology

ICT China group photo