” Advance innovation & develop collaborative solutions for
social & technological development “

The Innovation Lab [ilab] at AIT Solutions is a student-centric creativity hub, offering a platform to students, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to nurture their promising ideas through collaborative approach, and develop sustainable and scalable solutions, processes, and products.

Through collaborative approach, [ilab] and industry will work in tandem to become a powerful engine of innovation aimed at broad spectrum of outcomes. Visionary strategic partnerships with industries can accelerate innovation process and help deliver solutions to current social challenges and development needs of the region. By providing resources and guidance, [ilab] will maximize the chances of converting bright ideas into flourishing startups.

[ilab] at AIT Solutions combines knowledge and research with community scale by making local communities a part of the innovation process and supports innovation in following aspects:


Creating processes that support the efficient and transparent creation, adaption or uptake of products. These process innovations have a strong equity focus, ensuring that process is driven by the needs of the most vulnerable populations.


Using new technology and ideas to serve the hardest to reach and the most vulnerable communities.


Increasing efficiencies in difficult economic environments. Improving our ability to target resources to monitor and manage results.


New collaborations with donor and partner governments, other UN agencies, National Committees, civil society, the private sector and with young people themselves to improve results for society.