Position:  Head (Business and Project Development)
Deadline: 15 Dec 2017

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Track:​​

  • ​Current and forecasted trend of business opportunities in international donor agencies, private companies, and NGOs.
  • Business operation of recurring client base.

2) Identify:

  • New business opportunities through government and international donor agencies.
  • New business ideas that can be pitched to existing pool of clients.
  • Resources required to convert the opportunities into projects.

3) Initiate:

  • New ideas/ concepts that can lead to new business opportunity.
  • Liaising with government and international funding agencies, and private companies.

4) Develop:

  • Business strategy based on current and forecasted trend of business opportunities.
  • Concept/ Ideas that can be pitched to new and existing client base.

5) Lead and Support:

  • Business team to implement business strategy leading to project finalization.
  • Teams at AIT Solutions to finalize ideas/ concepts, and projects.

6) Maintain and Expand:

  • Relationship with professionals at AIT, its network, and external resources.
  • Partnership with organizations/ companies/ agencies with the objective of project realization.

7) Advice:

  • On the development of tools and guides that can facilitate proposal process.
  • On the professional development of business team.

8) Mentor:

  • Assigned staff in achieving their defined goals.

9) Ensure:

  • Adherence to set requirements and achieve desired quality outputs.

Qualification and Requirements:

  • Master degree in Business Administration, international development or related field.
  • Minimum 8-year of experience in Business and Project Development, and proposal management.
  • In-depth working knowledge of government and multilateral donor agencies contracting practices.
  • Ability to mentor others and accept mentoring from others in technical issues.
  • Demonstrated creativity in problem solving and ability to work independently as well as with cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to produce proposals, reports and documents clearly to both technical and lay readers.

The qualified candidate must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, initiative and independence in leading the Unit. He/she must be able to work independently, communicate in English effectively and be available to fulfill the needs of the Unit. Must be accountable, responsive and dependable, and represent AITS in a professional manner.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Applicants can submit their curriculum vitae and letter of application to:

Clarisa Cuares Lagura
Senior HR Manager
Tel. no: +(662) 02 524 1211, +(662) 02 524 1011
Email: clarisa.aits@ait.asia