Courses and Credit Requirements 

The key focus and objectives the courses and content is the increase the knowledge, skills and competence of the practicing structural engineers to be able to take up the structural design of tall buildings in an integral manner. The courses provide theoretical background appropriate for a MS degree, exposure to practical tools and techniques, application of advanced methodologies and hands on practice where applicable.
The courses will be offered by full time AIT faculty, Affiliate, Adjunct and Visiting Faculty as well as invited lectures from the industry. The practical design aspects will be supported by the team of engineers in AIT Solutions who have worked on design of over 100 tall buildings.

Courses Offered

  • Design of Tall Buildings
  • Structural Dynamics for Tall Buildings
  • Earthquake Engineering for Tall Buildings
  • Wind Engineering for Tall Buildings
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Tall Buildings
  • Construction Technology and Management for Tall Buildings Projects
  • Performance Based Seismic Design
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Components
  • Structural Monitoring and Design and Application of Smart Systems
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Systems

Credit Requirements

Students can obtain a Professional Master of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering (PM-CE) with Specialization in Structural Design of Tall Buildings by completing a 33 credit curriculum, consisting of 24 credits of course work, 3 credits for internship, and 6 credits for research study within the maximum duration of 5 years.

Students will also have an option to obtain certificate for courses successfully completed, wherein:

  • The student may request for certificate after successful completion of each course, subsequent to which the student may continue or dis-continue with other courses offered under the PM-CE program.
  • The student may accumulate certificates of the courses successfully completed within a duration of five (5) years, and if the accumulated credit certificates fulfills the credit requirement for PM-CE, the student will be awarded the PM-CE degree.