March 2021, Thailand

AIT Solutions published its 10th Anniversary issue of its Technology magazine in June 2020. This issue focused on the knowledge and expertise of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and its partners that is being applied by the industry and making positive impact to the society. In this issue, authors have contributed on:

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: That focuses on the two pillars of digital transformation in healthcare i.e. Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can have a positive impact on healthcare technologies such as: telemedicine, AI-enabled medical devices, and electronic health records.

Structural Health Monitoring and Post-earthquake Response Assessment of Tall Buildings: Providing a comprehensive method for “Post-earthquake Response Assessment” by efficiently using the recorded acceleration data. This assessment provides the developers, residents, building managers, structural engineers, and government authorities with the structural assessment results and an overall picture of the seismic risk posed by the recent earthquake event.

Open Innovation Practices in Thai Software SMEs – External Technology Acquisition and Exploitation to Improve Software Process Innovation: Considers the importance of Software Process Innovation Performance (SPIP) and its improvement that can be achieved by increasing firms’ ability to access external technological knowledge, ideas, and information, and provides a new insight to Software SMEs managers on how to use open innovation to improve their SPIP.

Producing Rice Straw Pellet Fuel for Multiple Benefits: Focuses on the research conducted by air quality group at AIT on Rice Straw Field Open Burning (RSFOB) emissions and their assessment on its impact on air quality and climate, as well as identification of alternatives to recover energy from this agricultural waste, thereby allowing farmers to commoditize waste prone to burning.

Besides the above mentioned articles, A perspective from AIT on the roles of higher education institutions in knowledge transfer to drive social impact is also covered in this issue.

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