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Executive Director, AIT Solutions

Welcome to AIT Solutions,

AIT Solutions (AITS), formerly AIT Consulting, is a key initiative of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) designed to contribute towards the sustainable development of our region. AIT Solutions is an evolution of AIT Consulting’s role as the bridge between AIT and its partners.   AITS now acts as both the focal point for disseminating AIT’s latest research and offers innovative solutions to address socio-economic challenges; AITS is a step ahead in the endeavor to elevate our impact and benefit the advancement of our communities.

As part of Asia’s leading higher learning institution, AITS is in a unique position to help our partners and associates reach their development and business objectives. Its extensive knowledge and resources are based on the combined strength of academics, research, capacity building and outreach activities. This is supported by thousands of highly qualified and experienced AIT alumni, as well as many of AIT’s partner institutions and organizations. You have the option to select from a diverse number of experts and this enables us to customize innovative and integrated solutions based per your needs.  

At AIT Solutions, we build partnerships with fellow organizations to provide integrated solutions, collaborating with private companies, fellow consulting firms, government agencies, and international development organizations to promote sustainable economic development. Our engagement in networking activities such as events, conferences, seminars, and meetings reflects our holistic approach to knowledge-sharing.

I  invite  you to  review  our  website to identify the  areas  in  which  we  can  provide  solutions  to you and collaborate on projects of mutual interest.


Naveed Anwar, Ph.D.  
AIT Solutions
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)